Does the weather affect the building process?

Our contractors make every effort to stay on schedule, but rain and some other adverse weather conditions can cause short delays depending on the phase of construction.

I’ve decided I want to make a change or add a feature to the design of my home. How does this work?

We use change orders to simplify this process and ensure that each revision is clearly defined and understood by everyone.

On average, how long does it take to complete a home, from breaking ground to moving in?

Depending on the size of your home it can take anywhere between nine months to a year and a half.

How do material cost fluctuations impact the budget for my project?

Fluctuations in material costs generally have little impact on your budget, but in cases where the cost of certain materials increases or decreases by a significant amount (see lumber price fluctuations in 2020 as an example), your budget may be impacted.

What kind of builder warranty do you offer?

Our standard builder warranty covers materials, workmanship, structural defects and more. You can view it here.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, JWCH is licensed and insured in Tennessee. You can verify a contractor's license is up to date at verify.tn.gov. JWCH License #: 40689

Do you have experience building a home like the one I'm proposing?

We always enjoy a challenge, and we've been fortunate to design and build a variety of custom homes over the years, from craftsman style homes and farmhouses to modern builds and bungalows, and everything in between.

What energy saving features come with my home?

We take the whole-house systems approach to optimizing energy efficiency. This [includes] high-performance windows, quality insulation, proper air sealing, updated HVAC units and ducts, and more.

What is your track record for completing projects within budget?

It's our aim to balance your budget with our quality standards, and we will always notify you if something is pushing your project over the line.